Grateful to be with You, Partners by Kenneth Mugayehwenkyi

Dear Friends and Partners, As Miriam and I fly home, after spending two incredible months in U.S., we leave with a grateful heart. Grateful for what you all do for the seniors and children in Uganda and in Ethiopia. Grateful of how our friends and partners in U.S. received us and expressed their love and […]

Celebrating 75+ New Water Tanks for Seniors!

Access to clean water has made a life-impacting change in the lives of our seniors. Did you know that 2-billion people globally don’t have access to clean water? Our seniors in Uganda graciously want to say thank YOU for sharing your God-given resources and blessing them with the Gift of Clean Water. Your generosity has […]

No Longer a Struggle for Grateful Senior

UG 002-227 Ida Nalongo Nakazibwe (1)

Our office receives letters exchanged between senior friends with their donors every month. We’d like to share with you a Water Tank Gratitude Letter sent to our dear donor friends, Jack and Sandra G. from their senior friend Ida. Meet Ida, one of our lovely grannies! She is very excited to have received her ROTOM […]

Bringing Hope to Suffering Seniors

Perusi water tank 2023

No More Reasons to ‘Carry In’ Water Perusi feels like the luckiest woman on earth. ROTOM donors like you have stepped in and made her life remarkable! The simplest things we cannot seem to fathom absolutely bless our seniors. Living alone in rural Africa, she is widow without children or nearby family to help out. […]

Blessing those Underserved

Words cannot describe how thankful we are that ROTOM senior friend Shana S. gave to the Water Storage Systems fund to her senior friend, Namusisi Twagalana. Overjoyed, Namusisi speaks from experience about the trials of growing older and just how important nearby access to clean water is for her. “I am writing this letter with […]

ROTOM ON THE ‘MOVE @ PCA ’23 in Memphis!

By Ben Beatty, ROTOM U.S. Board Member This year’s Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) General Assembly in Memphis during June 2023 was an incredibly special time for ROTOM USA. My father (Brad Beatty) and I, represented ROTOM at a booth in their exhibitor’s hall. We praise the Lord for the new relationships made with new […]

Clean Hygiene is Part of Joyce’s Daily Struggle

Joyce M and grandchild water tank

Access to clean water has made a life-impacting change in the lives of many of our ROTOM seniors. Did you know that 2-billion people globally don’t have access to clean water? Before receiving a new water tank from her sponsor, Joyce had no other choice but to collect water from a distant swamp. The water […]

Water is Now Reality for Senior Proxida


A special thanks goes out to ROTOM senior friends Edward and Tinka Hiner for generously giving to our Water Storage Systems fund to provide a water tank to their senior friend, Proxida Kayada. Did you know that about 40% of our senior friends often walk over 1 mile to collect polluted water for their everyday […]

From Our Executive Director – Dave Reed

As we’ve now made it into May, we are starting to see things greening up and school is coming to a close. I hope in all the busyness of the season, that you found time to enjoy our May 2023 Senior Snapshot. At the current time, we have recently begun our spring 2023 Water Storage […]

20 Years Strong with ROTOM

Through the years of their devoted support and encouragement, longtime senior friends Sue and John Gourley have ultimately affected the Ugandan community of ROTOM as a whole. We discussed with Sue over a heart-to-heart, digital conversation the details of their beginnings with ROTOM. Read on to hear their powerful story! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It’s hard to believe […]